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Unforgettable Lake Conroe has over 24 years Real Estate Experience. Our clients are our number one concern. When you buy or sell with us, you become part of the Unforgettable Lake Conroe family. We look forward to our lasting friendships for years to come.

B.J. Hinson

Unforgettable Lake Conroe Walden Subdivision - B.J. Hinson - Sale Testimonial

Hinson First Light / Hunters Landing

“DeAnna and Mark Leopold are an incredible team, highly qualifed and capable of helping you achieve maximum results, be it buying at the right price, or selling at the right price! I have been in home building/real estate for over 30 years; I can truly say that these two are the most driven to results and capable that I’ve met. When I was contemplating selling, I noted that Unforgettable Lake Conroe not only was able to maximize sales price for my neighbors, but I credit them 100% with being instrumental in holding the deal together when it could have gone south very quickly. When I decided to put my house on the market, I had done enough home work to know that the only choice was Unforgettable Lake Conroe. Other realtors I had talked to over the prior few months tried to talk me into low balling my price; Unforgettable understood the special features of my home and was more than willing to sell and support those features. The home sold fast, at a great price for me, and for the buyer! Again, after over 30 years in the real estate business, my opinion is that you will not find a more capable team to handle your needs, either buy or sell, and maximize your results.”

B.J. Hinson

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