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Beautiful, Unforgettable Lake Conroe - Recreation, Waterfront and Water View Properties and moreWhat Makes a Top Producing Lake Conroe Realtor?

There is no shortage of real estate agents to choose from when you are looking to sell your home or buy a new property. Most people believe that all real estate agents are the same and they don’t care to do the research to distinguish between top producing realtors and agents who only do the bare minimum for their clients. If you adopt this outlook, then you will have a very hard time selling or buying a house.

All real estate agents have the same tools at their disposal to market your home and to efficiently negotiate on your behalf. The difference in service is distinguished in how they take advantage of their knowledge and resources and how they communicate with their clients. The top producing Lake Conroe realtors always stay up to date on current market trends, are serious about keeping their clients informed about every step in the real estate process and act like the trained professionals they are perceived to be.

Let’s take a look at what makes a top producing Lake Conroe realtor:

Local Knowledge & Enthusiasm

One characteristic that sets our Lake Conroe realtors apart from the rest is their passion for the local real estate and the lifestyle. Our agents are also local residents who know the area better than anyone else and who live the lifestyle that you want.

Who better to speak with than an expert in the area?

Lake Conroe offers a unique and highly desirable lake lifestyle that has something to offer for everyone. If you want to know about local schools, dining options, shopping centers, crime rates or any other statistic our real estate agents are the best resources for information.

Attention to Detail

Top producing realtors pay attention to small details that can help you sell your home quick. They also pay attention and listen to your needs and desires so that they won’t waste your time driving you around to properties you won’t like. Top realtors need to be attentive and well organized to make sure any and all requirements and obligations are met in a timely manner during the escrow process and to meet and exceed the expectations of their clients.

Honesty & Credibility

There’s nothing better than the truth, and top realtors know that miscommunication, dishonesty and embellishing are not the way to win a client over. Our top producing Lake Conroe realtors will be honest with you from day one. They will tell you if you’re expectations for selling your home or buying a new home are unrealistic. They will give you honest opinions about your wants and desires in a potential home. Top producing agents will always put their clients needs ahead of their own.

Experienced & Full Time

Real estate is a 24/7 job. Top producing realtors are available when their clients need them, regardless of whether this is at ten at night during the week or eight in the morning on a Saturday. A top-producing realtor usually has years of experience and glowing testimonials to show for their stellar work. Clients will feel more comfortable with someone who has experience over someone who is fresh to the industry.

Negotiation Skills

Nothing in real estate is set in stone until the contracts are signed. This means that a home could be listed on the market for $500,000 and ultimately sell for more or less than that. Clients look for real estate agents who can negotiate on their behalf to get them the home they want at a price that is within their budget. If clients could do this on their own then there would be no need for realtors. Top producing realtors are not afraid to aggressively negotiate on the client’s behalf.

Communication & Networking Skills

Networking and building relationships are the building blocks of the real estate industry. Top producing realtors have large networks of contacts that they can get in touch with to find buyers, sellers and investors. Top producing realtors will also efficiently communicate with their clients on a regular basis. They will inform clients of every offer and all progress throughout the entire process.

How to Find Top Producing Lake Conroe Realtors

Many people find their realtors through referrals or online searches. When looking for an agent it’s important to interview them and to make sure that you can get along with this individual. There is nothing worse than arguing with your realtor and missing out on potential business just because you don’t see eye to eye.

Our agents at Unforgettable Lake Conroe always have your best interests at heart and they easily fulfill all the requirements for a top producing Lake Conroe realtor.

If you are looking for beautiful waterfront properties in Lake Conroe, connect with our team to learn about current listings.