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A Breakfast Hotspot in Lake Conroe!?

If you are like me, then a perfect world would have breakfast for all 3 meals of the day. Morning would be called “Breakfast,” lunch would be “Brunch” and dinner would be known as “Brinner.” Think of the possibilities, warm pumpkin pancakes covered with melting cinnamon butter and crunchy chopped walnuts drizzled with warm maple syrup for breakfast. Lunch would serve up a delicious protein punch in the form of a savory 2 egg omelet with ham, sausage, sautéed onions, mushrooms and melting cheddar cheese oozing out. The final meal could be as simple yet delicious as your favorite cereal, Frosted Flakes for me.Luckily Egg Cetera, a small restaurant with big flavor, works to provide these scrumptious meals both in the AM and PM, minus the Frosted Flakes.

Egg Cetera Breakfast Lunch Café is a wonderful family owned restaurant tucked right next to the Conroe high school. Owner and Chef Chuck Winslow prepares the ingredients fresh each day using only natural and organic foods for each entree. They offer a wide variety of breakfast entrees from the Loco Moco to the Cowboy Skillet. Thankfully the price is not nearly as high as the quality and taste. The entrees are competitively priced to match with or beat other breakfast joints such as IHOP or Denny’s.

The décor is very relaxed with a hint of elegance that flows well with the quality of food. Upon entering the doors you will hear the faint sounds of contemporary Christian music coming from the embedded ceiling speakers setting you at ease. The hostess will quickly seat you at a table or booth of your liking. Preferably, I always go with the privacy of the tall back, overstuffed black cushions provided by the booth. Upon sitting down your drink order will be taken up and delivered, hot coffee for me. After the drinks arrive then it’s time for the real decision making, the food.

My experience with the restaurant has been 5 out of 5. The waiters are friendly and the chefs are extremely accommodating. Many times I have gone in for breakfast and ordered the smoked chicken omelet with a couple special requests such as egg whites and half the cheese. Each and every time they get my order perfect. This is the restaurant Lake Conroe has been waiting on for quite some time. You can find them at 3010 West Davis Street, Conroe, TX 77304-2036 next to Conroe high. You can also call them to schedule parties or events at (936) 539-3447. They are open daily from 7am-2pm. They also serve lunch entrees for those who want a little variety.

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